• May- Scott Shaheen purchased parts and made repairs to the kitchen equipment in the church.
  • June 26- The ordination of Tony Massad to the priesthood.
  • July – Mid East Festival.
  • July 18-  Abbott Semann Abou Abdou, the superior General of the Mariamite Maronite Order will honor us by presiding over our services.
  • September Scott Shaheen volunteered his time and talents to install our new double convection oven in the hall kitchen.
  • September 14- Archbishop Francis Zayek—1920-2010.


  • Feb 12- St. Maron Feast-Bishop, Earl Boyea, of the Catholic Diocese of Lansing came and officiated at mass and shared in the ceremonies. Mr. Joseph Faris, a founding member, of our parish was present with the Silver Massabki                 Award.
  • July 12-  Repairs to the roof of the sacristy are nearly finished.
  • July- Mid East Festival.
  • July-  Scott Shaheen donated parts and made repairs to the fountain used in the pond by the rectory.
  • September 5- MSGR. Ron N. Beshara, former pastor, passed away at age 66.
  • October- New Altar Shelves on each side of the Altar were donated and built by Joseph & Elias Joubran.
  • October 11- Fr. Abbot Boutrous Tarabay, Superior General of the Maronite Mariamite Order, took time from his busy schedule to celebrate mass here at Our Lady of Lebanon Parish.
  • October 23-Arrival of our new priest Fr. Paul Tarabay and the departure of Fr. Hanna Tayar.


  • March 21-Bishop John Chedid passed away (1923-2012).
  • May 15- A visit from our Patriarch to OLOL- His Beatitude Mar Bechara Peter Rai.

  • May-  A visit from Father Mitch Pacwa, host of EWTN’s program Threshold of Hope.
  • July- Mid East Festival.
  • August- Paving of our parking lot.
  • November 11- Orientation of Joseph Pavlovich to Sub-Deacon.


  • March- Arrival of our new temporary priest Msg. Ignace Sadek and the departure of Fr Paul Tarabay.

  • June-Arrival of our new priest Fr. Pierre Bassil and the departure of Msg. Ignace Sadek.







  • July- Mid East Festival.
  • October- Rosary for America needs Fatima- held in front of OLOL.


  • January- Received new copier/printer machine.
  • May- Our Lady’s courtyard got new shrubbery and pine trees. Along with an overhaul of the goldfish pond and the addition of new flowers.
  • July- Mid East Festival.
  • September 17- Interfaith Prayer Service –praying for the unity of Christians throughout the world.
  • September- Public Square Rosary Crusade: publicly pray to end the threats to the nation and the world.
  • October 25- First Pastoral Visit of Bishop A. Elias Zaidan with special guests Bishop Frank Kalabat of the Detroit Chaldean Church and Bishop Earl Boyea of the Lansing Diocese and a dinner was held.
  • October 26- Our New Bishop celebrated the 10:00 a.m. Liturgy.  A complimentary all parish reception was held after Liturgy.
  • October 30-31- The Holy Relics of Saint Rafka visited our church.


  • January-Parishioner Vikki Haley becomes a judge.
  • March- Eric Lindhurst, Danny Zerka and Scott Shaheen installed new LED lighting in the Church.
  • April 14-Former pastor Msgr. Ignace Sadek passed away.
  • July- Mid East Festival.
  • August- Aida Hayek and Tyl Rizik donated two new statues to our church. The statues are of Saint Jude and Saint Sharbel.
  • October 10- OLOL hosted a Public Square Rosary Crusade to ask for the help of Our Lady of Fatima, to ask God’s blessings on our nation, and to make reparation for public offenses against God.
  • November 14-16- The Holy Relics of our beloved Saint Sharbel visited our church.


  • May 15- We welcomed Bishop Elias Zaidan on his second visit to our parish.  He celebrated first communion for our children.
  • May-  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Joubran donated a new “Digital Sign” in front of our church. This was given to the parish in memory of his father and mother, Tom & Julia Joubran.
  • July- Mid East Festival.
  • July-Vivian Mansour & Vivian Andoian donated flowers, mulch, and stones to landscape around the digital sign.
  • September 21-Monsignor David George, former pastor, celebrated his 40th anniversary of Ordination to the priesthood.
  • November 10-13- Bishop Zaidan made a pastoral visit to our parish.
  • December 17 Christmas Retreat day given by Fr. Roy Horning (Pastor of Holy Rosary).
  • November 22- Bishop Gregory John Mansour of the Maronite Eparchy of Saint Maron of Brooklyn has been appointed chairman of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) by the Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)
  • December- Renewal of our Face Book page


  • January– New roof install on classroom wing. New hot water heater installed.
  •  April 7-Fr Roy Horning from Holy Rosary did a Lenten Retreat.
  •  May6-7 Bishop Zaidan celebrates the ordination of Joe Pavlovich (from Sub Deacon to Deacon).

  •  May7 Bishop Zaidan celebrates First Communion for our children.
  • July-Mid East Festival
  • November-Parking lot cracks were sealed and stucco repair to the outside of the stain glass area of the church.


  • March 12-Right of Confession and Forgiveness Retreat with Fr. Youssef Mariam.
  • March 30-31-Holy week Retreat with Fr. Armando Khoury.
  • March- new furnace in Rectory.