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Church History
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August 26 Monsignor Elias El-Hayek celebrated the first Maronite Liturgy at St. Francis of Assisi.
September 23

Monsignor Elias El-Hayek officially became the first pastor of the new Maronite Mission.


A dinner dance was held at St. Francis of Assisi to solicit pledges for the new church.

October 7

The first baptism at Our Lady of Lebanon was held and Daniel Christopher Smithingell was baptized.

November 4

Marty Rachid and Gloria Mansour organized the first religious education classes.

December 2

Monsignor El-Hayek and Bishop Zayek celebrated a Pontifical Mass at St. Leo’s Church and Mayor Paul Visser presented the keys to the city to His Excellency.

December 8

The first Maronite marriage was celebrated for David A. Shaw and Mary K. Rashid.


The choir was organized by Anne Shaheen.

  First “roving reporter” and bulletin coordinator Muriel Mansour was appointed.
  Liturgies were held at Powers Catholic High School.
January 7 The First Altar Society meeting was held at home of Marty and Nina Rachid.
January 17 The first Maronite funeral was held for George S. Joseph.
Early 1974 American Lebanese Morningstar Society purchased eight acres of land.
August 15 Father Ronald Beshara appointed to succeed Monsignor El-Hayek.
August 26 Fr. Ronald Beshara and Bishop Francis Zayek concelebrated Mass for the Fist Anniversary of Our Lady of Lebanon at the place we called “The Pit”. Bishop Zayek told the congregation on the first anniversary to resolve to go forward with the building of a permanent church and hall.
September Formation of Maronite Youth Organization (MYO).
October Formal initiation of MYO.
  Liturgies were held in a store front, which we called “The Pit.”
January Beacon William Bartoul joins the parish family prior to ordination to the priesthood.
February 2 Announcement of purchase of rectory and three acres of land with a pond.
February 10 First St. Maron Feast Day Celebration.
Spring Our Lease expired at “The Pit” and we relocated to Dye Elementary School.
June 23 Resolution #183 was issued by the Michigan Senate...”the highest accolade be accorded to the parishioners of Our Lady of Lebanon…upon the occasion of ground breaking ceremonies for a permanent church building…as a token of the highest esteem in which they are held by this legislative body.
June 29 Bishop Francis Zayek presided over the Divine Liturgy and broke ground on the site of our new church and hall complex.
June 29 Proclamation issued by Mayor Paul Visser of Flint, proclaimed the week of June 29-July 5 as Our Lady of Lebanon Week.
August Development of directive for Mercy Meals.
Autumn We watched from Dye Elementary school as our long awaited church complex began to rise fulfilling our dream.
June 30 Resolution #522 was issued by the Michigan Senate…”the highest accolade be accorded to the parishioners of Our Lady of Lebanon…as they prepare to dedicate the first church of the parish…in testimony to the esteem held for them by this legislative body.”
July 12 Resolution issued by the Flint City Council that July 16, 17, & 18 are hereby proclaimed “Our Lady of Lebanon Days.”
July 12 Proclamation issued by Mayor James W. Rutherford of Flint that July 16, 17 & 18 to be “Our Lady of Lebanon Days.”
July 14 Special tribute issued by the House of Representatives…”to extend their sincere wishes for a most successful festival and for continued good fortune in the years ahead.
July 16, 17 & 18 Proclaimed “Mid-East Festival Days” in Genesee County by Michael J. Carr, Chairman, Board of Commissioners, Genesee County , Michigan.
July 16, 17, & 18 The First Mid-East Festival took place on the parish grounds.
Co-Chairpersons were Michael Rizik and Norman Asher. The money from the festival was applied towards the mortgage.
August 1-8-4 1st Eucharistic Congress was held in Philadelphia, PA. The choir from Our Lady of Lebanon and Powers Catholic High School sang the hymns during liturgy. This provided the inspiration to fashion our altar as a symbol of the chalice.
November 20 & 21 Dedication of Our Lady of Lebanon Church and Sharbel Center.
April 8 MYO presented a dramatization of the events of Good Friday.
July 5 Proclamation issued by Mayor James Rutherford of Flint that the week of July 8th, be proclaimed the “Mid-East Festival Week”.
July 8, 9, & 10 Second Mid-Eat Festival.
August Task Force was formed to define a “Declaration of Purpose”. It was to define our roots, journey and aspirations.
October 9 Pope Paul VI Canonized St. Sharbel. Twenty parishioners journeyed to Rome.
November 19 50th Anniversary celebration of the American Lebanese Morningstar Society.
November 20 Charles Rossie ordained Sub-Deacon.
December “Declaration of Purpose” was presented to the parish.


June 27 MYO prepares for rehearsal of Passion Play to be presented at NAM convention.
July 14, 15, &16 Third Mid-East Festival.
July 28, 29, & 30 15th Annual NAM Convention was held at Our Lady of Lebanon and Powers Catholic High School. Program included religious and social workshops, displays and activities for adults and youths.
August 11 Youngtown and Flint held the First teenage Encounter Youth Retreat at the barn near the Shrine in North Jackson, Ohio. This retreat was under the guidance of Father Dominic Ashkar and Father Ronald Bashara. This was the beginning of the annual gathering of Maronite youth (MYO) across the nation.
August Father Ron appointed Diocesan Chancellor.
August 27 Parishioners gather for a picnic honoring Father Ron.
August 30 Father David George became our third pastor.
  Silver Massabki Medal awarded to Mr. Paul Koscielniak, music minister of Luke M. Powers Catholic High School and the NAM convention.


July 10 Proclamation issued by John H. Trecha, Chairman of the Genesee County Road Commissioners, that the days of July 13, 14, & 15, be observed as “Mid-East Festival Days” in Genesee County.
July 13, 14, & 15 Fourth Mid-East Festival.
Fall Fr. Dave initiates “Fireside chats”.


July 11, 12, & 13 Fifth Mid-East Festival


June 29 Fifth anniversary of groundbreaking. Celebration of the Divine Liturgy outside by the pond.
July 10, 11, & 12 Sixth Mid-East Festival.
November Fifth Anniversary of the Dedication of Our Lady of Lebanon Church and Sharbel Center.


June 7 First ever Blood Mobile at Our Lady of Lebanon.
July 9, 10, & 11 Seventh Mid-East Festival
September 18 Gregory John Mansour, first parishioner from Our Lady of Lebanon to be ordained a Maronite priest at St. Michael Church in downtown Flint, by Bishop John Chedid.
September 19 Father Gregory celebrates First Liturgy of Thanksgiving at Our Lady of Lebanon.
October 30 Father Anthony Salim becomes our fourth pastor.
October 31 Celebration of the Divine Liturgy for Father Dave as he leaves and Father Anthony as he arrives.


July 8, 9, & 10 Eighth Mid-East Festival


June 24 Father Anthony Salim tenth anniversary of ordination as priest of the eparchy of St. Maron.
July 13, 14, & 15 Ninth Mid-East Festival
September 23-30 Renew program starts. Renew is a parish program carefully designed to help people follow Christ more closely.
  Silver Massabki Medal awarded to Mr. Norman Abdella.


January 27-February 3 2nd Semester of Renew.
July 12, 13, & 14 Tenth Mid-East Festival
Summer Up-stairs classrooms and library added in memory of Gloria Mansour.
September 21 & 22 3rd Semester of Renew.
November 17 Beatification of Sister Rafka Al-Rayes by Pope John Paul II. Our liturgy on this day was for Blessed Rafka and all Christians in the Middle East.
  Silver Massabki Medal presented to Don Paliani.


March 15 Fourth Semester of Renew.
July 11, 12, & 13 Eleventh Mid-East Festival
September 20 & 21 Fifth Semester of Renew
October 16 House of Representatives Washington D.C.-Honorable Dale E. Kildee of Michigan pays tribute to Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Catholic Church on the Tenth Anniversary of its consecration and dedication.
November 7, 8, & 9 Tenth Anniversary of Dedication of Our Lady of Lebanon Church and Sharbel Center.
  Silver Massabki Medal awarded to Mrs. Shirley Gazell.


July 10, 11, & 12 Twelfth Mid-East Festival.
September 19 Papal Liturgy at Silverdome, Pontiac, Michigan by Pope John Paul II.
  Silver Massabki Medal awarded to Mrs. Sue Adado.


July 8, 9, & 10 Thirteenth Mid-East Festival
November 3 Father Anthony Spinosa becomes the fifth pastor of our parish.


April 14 Certificate of Appreciation issued by Clara Barton Terrace Convalescent Home to Our Lady of Lebanon for valuable contribution.
April 14, 15, & 16 Regional NAM Convention held at Our Lady of Lebanon.
July 14, 15, & 16 Fourteenth Mid-East Festival
December 24 Dedication of Our Lady of Lebanon Shrine in the mediation garden.
  Silver Massabki Medal awarded to Mrs. Mary Ann Sheehan.


May 20 Archbishop Zayek celebrated First Communion with our children.
July 13, 14, & 15 Fifteenth Mid-East Festival.
August 26 First outdoor liturgy celebrated at our Shrine
  Groundbreaking ceremony for our new rectory.
  Hall improvements made.


July No festival due to Desert Shield and trouble in the Middle East.
October Parish Mission with Father David Prezweicki of Michigan.
November Operation Desert Storm supplies collected and sent to soldiers in Saudi Arabia.
  Electronic Carillon Bells installed.


July 10, 11, & 12 Sixteenth Mid-East Festival
October 11 Certificate of Recognition given to Our Lady of Lebanon for ten years of outstanding volunteer service to the North End Soup Kitchen.
  Franciscans of Mary Immaculate was given permission by Archbishop Zayedk to teach religious education at Our Lady of Lebanon.


February 6 St. Maron Day. Opening of the 20th Anniversary Celebration of our parish.
May Eastern Catholic Church Youth Rally, Immaculate Conception in Hamtramack Michigan attended by MYO youth.
July 9, 10, & 11 Seventeenth Mid-East Festival.
August 11-15 World Youth Day in Denver. MYO youth attended with two adults.
September 14 Exaltation of the Holy Cross—Blessing of the Icons of Archangel Michael and Gabriel.
October 29, 30 & 31 NAM Regional Convention held at Our Lady of Lebanon.


March 6 Middle East Memorial Service held at Our Lady of Lebanon and attended by Catholics, Jews, and Muslims. This was the first memorial service of this kind to be held in Flint.
March 6-10 Father Bill Casey, C.P.M.(Fathers of Mercy) conducted the Parish Lenten Mission and Retreat.
Spring Eastern Catholic Church Youth Rally, Sacred Heart Church in Livonia Michigan attended by our MYO youth.
June 23 Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angles established with the enthronement of Bishop John Chedid. Our parish now belongs to this Eparchy witch extends fro California eastward to Ohio/Pennsylvania state lines.
July 8, 9, & 10 Eighteenth Mid-East Festival.
November New sign installed by the roadside.


January Replaced heating and cooling system in church and office area.
February Father Anthony Spinosa named head of the Office for Ecumenical and Inter-Faith Affairs for the Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles.
February 12 Martin John Rachid ordained Subdeacon by ChorBishop Robert Shaheen at 10 a.m. Liturgy. Reception followed.
March 19-26 Maronite vocation Awareness Week. A Vocation Cross available for families on a weekly basis to pray for vocations to the priesthood and religious life.
May Father Gregory Mansour named Chancellor of the Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles.
May 14 Bishop John Chedid visited our parish for First Communion, May Crowning and Mother’s Day
Spring Eastern Catholic Church Youth Rally, St. Basil, Sterling Heights Michigan, attended by MYO youth.
July 28, 29, & 30 Nineteenth Mid-East Festival
Autumn Bishop John Chedid consecrates the new tabernacle and altar for the Blessed Sacrament.


January 21 -Father Gregory John Mansour ordained ChorBishop by His Excellency John Chedid at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles.
January Improvements made to parish center kitchen.
February 18 Right to Life Celebration at 10 a.m. Liturgy. The Honorable Dale Kildee, U.S. Congressman addressed parishioners.
May First group of young men invested as Knight of the Altar: Jonathon Hearsch, Tony Massad, Joseph Moghaizel, Bret Marshall, Ronny Solomon and John Solomon.
Spring Eastern Catholic Church Youth Rally, St. Sharbel in Warren Michigan. Attended by MYO youth.
July Premiere Issue of “MARONITE TODAY” a newsletter for the Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles.
July 3 Gold Massabki Medal awarded to Mary Ann Sheehan at the NAM convention in Rhode Island. Given by the National Apostolate of Maronites for her work with the National Maronite Youth workshop. Gold Massabki Medals are presented only to one person in each Eparchy each year for his/her service to that Maronite Eparchy.
July 12, 13, & 14 Twentieth Mid-East Festival
Fall Subdeacon Marty Rachid accepted by Bishop Chedid to begin studies for Permanent Deaconate.
Fall Father Anthony Spinosa to head efforts of the Eparchy in preparation for the Celebration of the Third Millennium. He will serve as liaison for the Eparchy with the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. He will seek ways to inform and assist pastors in the local and Eparchial preparations for this celebration.


July 11, 12, &13 Twenty-first Mid-East Festival
Summer Replacement of the west parking lot and floors in the kitchen and hall.


February 7 Kick-off Celebration of our 25th jubilee on St. Maron Day. Bishop Nicholas Samra of Detroit and Bishop Carl Mengling of the Diocese of Lansing attended the festivities. MYO first silent auction.
May 9 MYO hosted the Eastern Catholic Churches Youth Day at Our Lady of Lebanon.
August 17 Arrival of Father Bartholomew Leon, O.S.B., assigned as assistant priest in our parish and to work in Maronite Missions in our Eparchy.
September Parish music books revised and updated by Father Bartholomew and Dee Gardner for liturgical use in our parish.
November 13, 14, & 15 25th Jubilee Celebration and the NAM Regional Convention.


August Subdeacon Martin Rachid became a Permanent Deacon.


January Altar Society donated the Millennium Cross which is on the outside wall of the church entrance.
May Fatima Apostolate Liturgy was held on May 6.Neighoring parishes join our parish as the month of May being dedicated to the Blessed Virgin.
August 6 An outdoor liturgy at our shrine was held, it was followed by the blessing of the construction site and groundbreaking ceremony for our new parish school.
October Jubilee 2000 Parish Mission conducted by the Fathers of Mercy. An Apostolic Blessing for the Plenary Indulgence was also given.
November 5 Special Inter-Faith Prayer Service for peace in the Middle East was held. Members of the Catholic, Orthodox, and Islamic communities joined together to pray for an end to the violence and for a lasting peace in the Middle East.


January Dedication of our new parish school.
February The Patriarchial Visitation of Nasrallah Peter Cardinal Sfeir to Michigan took place on Wednesday, February 21 at Saint Sharbel in Warren.
May Fatima Apostolate Liturgy was held on May 5. Neighboring parishes joined our parish as the month of May being dedicated to the Blessed Virgin.
October Eucharistic Adoration began on Friday October 19 from 9am-12noon.


February Parish Lenten Mission was conducted this year by Father Frank Fusare of the Fathers of Mercy from South Union, Kentucky. Also OLOL now has a section at New Calvary Cemetery.
April 26-28 Morningstar Society 75th Anniversary Celebration. Bishop Robert Shaheen joined our celebration and made his first pastoral visit to our Parish. Also, the Board of Directors for the National Apostolate of Maronites were here to celebrate with the Morningstar Society.
May Fatima Apostolate Liturgy was held on May 4. Neighboring parishes joined our parish as the month of May being dedicated to the Blessed Virgin.
October Dr. John Abdella was appointed by His Excellency Bishop Robert Shaheen to serve on the Pastoral Advisory Board for the Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon in Saint Louis.The purpose of this Board is assist the Bishop with the development and implementation of future goals and aspirations for our Eparchy.
November Mary’s Well was designed and built by Darrell Frye in the Shrine Court Yard.


May Fatima Apostolate Liturgy was held on May 3. Neighboring parishes joined our parish as the month of May being dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. Also the Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was constructed behind the choir doors.
August 10 Outdoor Shrine Dedicated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus was blessed. The statue was donated by Mike and Tyl Rizik in memory of Assad and Rose Rizik.
October New Temple Lighting was installed in the sanctuary.
December 3 Monsignor William Bonczewski became our sixth parish priest. He came from Our Lady of Lebanon National Shrine in North Jackson Ohio.


January An announcement was made that our parish son Gregory Mansour was elevated to Bishop. His Ordination will take place in March in Lebanon.
March 2 Ordination of Bishop elect Gregory Mansour in Lebanon by our Patriarch Nasrallah Peter Sfeir
April Bishop Robert Shaheen has announced that Father Anthony Spinosa (our former priest) will be elevated to the rank of Periodeat with the title of Monsignor. Also Bishop elect Gregory Mansour was installed as Bishop of the Eparchy of St. Maron in Brooklyn.
May 9 Bishop Gregory Mansour visited his parish family with a Mass and celebration.
August 14 Elevation of Father Anthony Spinosa to Monsignor at the Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon in North Jackson, Ohio.
September 12 Father Jihad Younes became our seventh priest. He came to us from Maronite Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Ann Arbor Michigan.
November 10 Abbot Francois Eid visited our parish and celebrated liturgy. A dinner followed celebrating the Abbot’s order of 309 years.

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